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Your Questions About Dry Skin On Eyelids | Skin Care For Women
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Your Questions About Dry Skin On Eyelids

Mandy asks…

Why do I have dry skin around to the top of my eyelid?

Does anybody else have this problem? Just recently I’ve noticed I have really dry skin above my eyelid. It looks like those eye boogers that you get when you wake up in the morning, but upon closer inspection it’s just dry skin. I have to scrub my eye to take it off. Has anyone had this before?

Sasha answers:

I also have this my dr said they didnt know either. I try gold bond and aquaphor

Carol asks…

what foundation would you recommend for very dry skin?

I have VERY dry skin, mainly around my eyelids & nose. What foundation would you recommend for skin like mine? I don’t have acnee very often & i usually get acnee when I’m on my period.

Sasha answers:

A tinted moisturizer, BB cream, or a cream based foundation would work best. Try to stay away from medicated make ups like Neutrogena’s skin clearing make up because it’s often very drying. Also, don’t use powder foundations. They’ll dry your skin out. For the acne try drinking green tea and using skin care products that have ingredients like green tea and cucumber. Also, to get rid of dry skin and any monthly acne use an exfoliant (not too often though) and moisturizers that are oil free. When in doubt use mineral make-up.
You may also want to look into buying more expensive foundation or moisturizer, it costs more but it’ll last for a few months and you’ll definitely see a difference. I love makeup forever and benefit cosmetics. Also bareminerals has a hydrating mineral veil which is a powder but it’s formulated to help dry skin.

Maria asks…

How do you keep mascara from running under your eyes if you need good moisturizer for dry skin?

This is a continuing problem for me. I need moisture for my dry skin but it makes my makeup run especially under my eyes. How do you handle it? I can’t use powder since it will make my eyes look old and wrinkly…what do you do?

Sasha answers:

In the morning (or whenever you are putting your makeup on)
do not put eye gel or eyecream on your eyelids…. Otherwise it can cause your eye makup to slide off.

You can put your eye treatment products on your eyelids before you go to bed though.

A good waterproof mascara that is only 10 is from marykay: http://www.marykay.com/mpeters2014/color/eyes/mksignaturewaterproofmascara/default.aspx

the Oil Free EyeMakeUp Remover is awesome too. Http://www.marykay.com/mpeters2014/skincare/lipeyecare/10089100/10089100/default.aspx

Lizzie asks…

What can I do for really dry skin on my face?

Over the last couple days my skin has gotten red and really dry on my right eyelid. My lips and the skin around my lips is also very dry. Chapstick doesn’t help the dry lips very much. I’m wondering if I’m allergic to something, but in the meantime, what can I use to treat the dry skin on my eye lid and around my mouth?

Sasha answers:

Have you been licking the spot around your lips ? Well, if you are you shouldn’t be, because your saliva has salt in it and its really bad for you, especially if its a windy day.

Donna asks…

How do I get rid of Itchy dry patches of skin on my face and chapped corners of mouth?

I’ve had exema and bad dry itchy skin for a few years now, mainly just in the winter, and have used numerous creams and things to try to make it go but it just doesn’t.
Right now I have cracked, sore, dry corners of my mouth – I know this could be an iron deficiency and have already been to the doctors about this, they prescribed iron tablets but they did nothing.
My upper lip is always dry,itchy and flaky, as well as below my bottom lip, and a small oval shapes patch on the side of my mouth.
Also the tops of my eyelids and a small patch on my cheek, as well as a patch on my neck.
I’m at the point where I don’t even go out because putting make up on only makes it worse and no matter how much moisturiser I use it just doesn’t go away.

These are all the products I’ve used so far which have not worked:
Vaseline, Nivea lip balms, Carmel lip balm, blistex and lip mate.
For moisturising I’ve used E45, emulsifying ointment BP , Simple replenishing rich moisturiser and Ponds dry skin cream. They help with my skin in general but not the patches.

And the doctors have given me all kinda of creams including Fucidin H, plus less strong versions of this but I can’t remember the names as I threw them away; they did nothing.

MOMETASONE FUROATE 0.7% ointment is the ONLY thing that gets rid of the dry areas, however I have heard this can damage your skin and so don’t want to keep using it….the problems go after a couple of days of applying the cream but after a couple of weeks they just come back.

I am sure it must be an allergy or something, but doctors won’t listen, they just throw a prescription for cream at me and I’m out the door in 2 mins. They just don’t care. One thing that I’m worried about is that maybe it is my dental retainers. Not sure what material they are but they are plastic and I have a feeling these problems worsened after I got them……
Please help!

Sasha answers:

Go to a dermatologist. They know what to do! I had a similar problem and they gave me “Nizoral Creme”. It really helps..

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